Garden Clearance – Northampton

Garden Clearance Northampton

Hi there! We recently had an opportunity to assist our clients in Northampton by removing asbestos sheets from their garden. Asbestos was a popular building material in the past, but we know that it’s harmful to our health now, which is why it’s been banned. Our team of experts worked diligently to remove the asbestos sheets with utmost care and precaution, to ensure that everyone involved remained safe. We also made sure to follow all local regulations and guidelines in disposing of the asbestos sheets properly. After we were done, the garden area was clean, safe, and free of asbestos contamination. By removing asbestos from your property, you can have peace of mind that you and your family’s health is protected in the long run. We’re glad we could help!

Garden Clearance Northampton

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Garden Clean up

Dan & Ryan work really hard to get the job completed in half a day really impressive keep up the good work guy

By Jill Stubbs in NN4 8NU

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